IMG_1906Welcome to ttandemma! I’m Danielle, you can read a bit more about me here. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for sometime, but never got around to it…you know, work, kids, life. So, this is a birthday gift to myself. (I turn 37 in a couple weeks.)

I’ve always loved to write, and now that Instagram is truncating my captions (…) I figure maybe I should stop using it as a blog, and write an actual blog. (Brilliant, right?) I’m not an expert on anything, except my own life, and that’s only by default because I’m the ONLY one living it. So, that’s what I’ll be writing about.

There may be bits of wisdom and deep philosophical thinking, but I’m pretty sure it’ll mostly be nonsensical stream of consciousness with a heavy dose of sarcasm, and some curse words for flair!

Oh, and if there’s anything you want to know more about, leave me a comment. I’m all for taking requests!


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