I’m Not Doing a Voice

My daughter Lottie has an awesome imagination. She can play make believe for hours on end. I love listening to the elaborate scenarios she creates. But, I have to be VERY careful not to interrupt for fear she might ask me to join in.

The thing is, I suck at make believe. I’ll craft with her endlessly, or help her decorate her dollhouse, dress her dolls, fix their hair. She can play with glitter and glue to her heart’s content, and I’ll join in the mess every time. But, making up a pretend persona and, god help me, doing a fake voice, the thought makes me cringe.

Add to that the fact that every scenario has an elaborate set of rules that I’m not privy to. I’ll pass, thanks. I’m pretty sure Lottie would prefer I was good at make believe, but I’m also sure this isn’t the least of my short-comings she’ll forgive in her life.


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