Just When I Think I’ve Nailed It


Today Lottie and I donated a trunk-load of dishes, toys and clothes to our local resale shop. After I unloaded the goods Lottie asked, “Mom, why do we donate stuff?” I was so ready for this one…..a teachable moment that I actually had the information ready in my brain to teach. Much easier than the other day when during dinner she randomly said, “Mom, did it hurt when the doctor took me out of your belly? How did he even do that?” “Ummmmmm, can you pass the ranch, please?”

This was an easy one. “Well, we do it to help people. We don’t need these things in our house anymore so it helps us. People can then buy it from this store for a lower price than buying new, so it helps them. And, people who need jobs are able to work here and that helps them. So, we donate stuff because it helps a lot of people.” Cue applause in my head. Nailed it. She’s going to grow up to be such a great member of society. I totally got this. Brilliant. 

But, then, she interrupts my internal celebration and says, “Really? Well, what about French people? Does it help them?” “……wait, what, huh…..can you pass the ranch, please?”

Damn this kid really keeps me on my toes.


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