Field Trip Day!

Nathan and Lottie go to different schools, with different schedules. This means not all their days off are the same. Since both Craig and I work full-time, this can be kind of a pain in the rear, especially since it seems like these days often fall in close proximity with each other. Think school closed Monday, so Nathan gets Friday off for teacher institute, and, whaddaya know, Lottie has Tuesday off for teacher institute. So, now that’s 3 days off to figure out.

Late last year I took a day off when Lottie was out of school. I wanted to do something fun for the day, rather than stick around the house, but felt bad that Nathan would miss out if we did something he’d also enjoy. Then I realized he was going to have a day off just a couple weeks later, so “Mommy-Nathan and Mommy-Lottie Field Trip Days” were invented. A full day of fun spent one-on-one taking an adventure, eating the food they like and enjoying each other’s undivided attention. The nice thing is these days often fall on non-regular days off, so most places are pretty much deserted.


One day Lottie and I went to the Art Institute and drew all the paintings. The museum was empty, so we had the run of the place. Another time Nathan and I spent the day bowling and cooking together. Lottie and I visited Craig at work another day, and took him out to lunch, then visited the DuPage Children’s Museum. Tomorrow Nathan has the day off, he’s been watching a lot of Mythbusters, so we’re headed to the Chicago Children’s Museum Tinkering Lab to see what we can build, but not until after he hits the polling place with me to vote in the Illinois Primary, and visits my office for a bit. And, Lottie is off in a couple weeks, not sure where that day will take us, but I can’t wait.

Next year they’ll be in school in the same district, and have the same school calendars. While that will make life a little easier, sometimes the hard stuff makes for the best moments. I’m gonna miss our special days off finding adventure together. 

Check out #mommylottiefieldtrip & #mommynathanfieldtrip on Instagram for some pics.


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