Food Allergy PSA

Unsolicited PSA: If you don’t know someone with a food allergy, it’s hard to understand the seriousness of it, I know, I was that person once. But, it’s not about a kid getting a stomach ache and hives, it’s about them not being able to breathe. And, as a parent there’s only so much you can do, at some point you have to trust others with your kids, and you need to know they take it seriously, too.

Whether it’s a babysitter, a teacher, a coach, another parent, people are constantly giving your kids food. And, when you have to plunge a needle into your baby girl’s thigh to get her to breathe and then be rushed to the ER in an ambulance, you don’t forget that. You live in constant fear of having to do it again, or worse, someone else having to do it…and not knowing if they will. If you meet someone with a food allergy kid, please be compassionate, and willing to listen and learn. It takes an army to keep our kids safe, please help be a part of that army if you can.


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