Are we there yet?

Clawing our way to the finish line, toes poking out of gym shoes and lunch boxes basically disintegrating. Is it summer vacation yet?!? Honestly, I don’t know who’s more excited to start summer break, me or the kids? Okay, it’s definitely me.

I feel like the stress of our regular daily routine gets amped up in the last weeks of May. Every day there’s a school function or something extra to send with the kids for the day. It’s costume day, pajama day, wear your clothes backwards day. Did you remember money for the book fair and to RSVP for Donuts with Dad? Oh, and I need to wear yellow on Friday. Wait, today’s Friday. I need to wear yellow TODAY! Honestly, I can barely keep it together during the school year with lunches and morning routines and evening routines and All. OF. THE. THINGS.

I am so ready for it all to be done. No rushing home to cram a sandwich down the kids throats to get to baseball on time so we can get home on time and they can shower and do their homework and go to bed and do it again tomorrow. Later bedtimes, later wake ups, no lunches to pack, no homework to check. Did I mention NO LUNCHES TO PACK!

Go riddance school year. Thanks for all you taught the kids. I’m grateful, but I’m over you. See ya in the fall when I’m dying for some structure.


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