An Open Letter to President Elect Trump


Mr. Trump, I did not vote for you.

I do not agree with your views on women, your views on Muslims, your views on African-Americans, your views on Latino-Americans, your views on disabled Americans, your views on LGBT Americans or your views on yourself, for that matter.

I do not respect you because you respect no one and have not earned my respect. I do however respect the Office of The President of the United States. And I hope in the coming months you can find respect for it as well.

I will be praying, wishing, hoping that you can realize it’s possible to lead without being a tyrant. It’s possible to be the best without making everyone else feel like the worst. It’s possible to be angry without being cruel. It’s possible to be successful without making everyone else feel like a failure. It’s possible to be both strong and kind, opinionated and respectful. It’s possible for you to accomplish all your hopes and dreams while at the same time allowing others the opportunity to accomplish theirs.

I’m a white college-educated, middle-aged, upper-middle class, successful female executive. You don’t like me anymore than I like you. But today I’m choosing to move forward with hope, respect and kindness. Can you?


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